Elder Bean's Mission Scripture

Elder Bean's Mission Scripture:

Alma 26: 35

35 Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Recent photos

Note from Elder Bean's mom:  well, once again, I'm playing catch up with David's blogs!  Some were late arriving, and some got put on the back burner while we got his twin Emily ready for her mission to Puerto Rico!  Elder David has sent some great pictures recently, and I thought it would be fun to post them. 
P.S. Hey, Bandies and other friends who are leaving for missions around the world:  I know you won't have access to Elder Bean's blog while you are gone, so if you'd like me to mail you a hard copy of his blogs from time to time, contact me! :)
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Elders Lowe, Bean & Barton

Elders Petersen, Bean and Lago

Friend, Elders at Fernando's Baptism

Elder Bean and Tifany

Grandmother & Granddaughter with Elder Bean

Elder Petersen checking for '"floaties" on the surface.  Just after this photo was taken his foot slipped and he plunged one leg into the water!
Sweaty face, but happy!

Elder Bean with Osasco youth/ young adults

Jan 28, 2013 "Of Souls and Tupperware"

Hey, all you people!  I have so much to talk about!

Brothers from 36-B CTM!

First, last Tuesday, we had a special mission conference with Elder Craig Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy.  It was really cool and I learned a lot.  More about that later.  I also got to see Elder Petersen, Elder Lago, and the other elders from my district in the CTM!  And a quick shout-out to Elder Hermansen:  Dude!  We miss you, man! You gotta write—we don’t know your address!  Love, Your brothers and sisters from 36-B J
So, it was great to see some familiar faces again.  I also saw and talked with Irma DaSilva, an instructor from the CTM.  It was crazy awesome to actually be able to talk with her haha!  It made me realize how far I’ve come.  Whoo, God is good to me, to you, to all of us.
Some of the things Elder Christensen talked about:
It is crucial that we align our wills with the will of the Father.  We can do this by studying and understanding the character, desires and actions of the Savior:  “Not my will, but thy will be done.”  When we are aligned, we can perform miracles with our faith.  Also, he talked about how by ourselves, we are absolutely nothing.  The answer is in the Atonement.  The Father gave His Son, the Son gave His life, what are you willing to give?
I had the thought, that there are so many principles of the Timpview Marching Band that are principles of the Gospel.  More than half our problems as missionaries would be solved if people just followed the first rule of band:  Show up.  To church:  just show up.  In prayer:  just kneel.  For reading:  open the book.  Just show up.  Also being drum major helped me here a lot, because on the mission, we need to help everyone with all their different struggles, trials, etc to all have success as a team.  It’s a good work and good times... in the past and ahead.
So after the conference, I met a lot of missionaries who are “older” than I am—one of which was my “great-great grandfather” Elder Manning!  Yep, we got a picture of 6 generations of trainers and trainees:  “fathers and sons” here on the mission.  I’m pretty sure we broke a record or something.

Six generations of trainers and their trainees: "fathers" & "sons" among missionaries. 
 Okay...what else?  It was Tifany’s birthday on the 26th, and we took her some American candy and a picture of her baptism.  It was really nice, and we were able to help make her Birthday special.

Cluster of blisters!  Eww.
Also, the day before, I had some really bad blisters on my feet that made it really painful to walk, and at night I prayed that the next day I’d be able to walk.  Just wanted to be able to keep working, and the amount of pain—no problem—I accept the pain, but I prayed for help to just have the ability to walk.  So after this prayer, I went to bed.  And in the morning, my blisters had healed over night, like completely, and I didn’t have any pain the whole day. J  Remember, our God is a God of miracles.  And He loves us.  We are important to Him, even little things like blisters.  God is good, He supports His servants.

And another thing, I found out today I have more time here in Osasco.  I will not be transferred.  It feels right! J   

About the title of this post:  I still have the plastic Tupperware of some “dropped” investigators.  I carry it in my back pack every day in the hopes that we’ll be able to have an excuse to go back and teach them.  They are super cool, a mom, dad and little daughter, but they don’t understand how our message is so important to them yet.  And oh!  My anguish is killing me!  I love this family, and I know how much the Gospel could bless their family.  Oh, man, it’s rough.  My companion wants to not go back, and frankly I agree with him, but—ah!  They need this!  I feel like these pieces of cheap plastic dishes are the only reminder that this family exists.   These dishes are the only way we will teach them again.  So I feel that their souls are resting on some junk-Tupperware.  I don’t want them to be forgotten.  I’m trying to save souls here.  I wish I could help more. 

For interest’s sake, I’ll share what a regular day in the life of Elder Bean is like.
First, wake up at 6:30, and half-fall, half-crawl out of bed to turn off the alarm.  Pray.  Write in my journal (’cause I probably didn’t have time the night before) while my companion exercises, I take a shower, then he takes a shower.  I eat a banana.  We start personal study at 8:00am, then at 9:00 we read three pages from the missionary handbook and some scriptures about faith, then we talk about what we learned from personal study and study together things that will help our investigators until 10:00 where I receive my “training” on how to be a good/effective missionary.  At 11:00, study the language (usually I do this hour of study alone).  At 12:00 we lock up the house (after prayer) and walk to lunch at a member’s house.  After eating and giving a short message to thank them, we start our preaching work.  Usually we teach a majority of our lessons, but always we’ll have a few appointments fall through.  We work and walk and work and walk until about 9:00pm.  Then sometimes we buy pizza on the way home (pizza here is so good!) enter our house and pray, read faith scriptures again and plan for tomorrow (sometimes really fast because we want to eat the pizza!), then we write down our goals, and what we want to study tomorrow.  Pray, feed, go to bed and... over and over.  But it’s so good.  I love life!  Just wish I could help the lives of others more...pois e.

O-ookay!  I seriously can not stop thinking about my twin Emily!  I’m so excited for her to also serve a mission!  She gave her farewell talk yesterday.  I just knew it was great, and ahh, way so cool!

Missions are the best.  You’re all the best!  J  Till next week. 
Love, Elder David Bean

Jan 21, 2013 "A Bible, a Bible! Who's got a match?"

The work is great!  It’s spreading like wildfire!  A woman is going to be baptized in two weeks, we’re teaching a bunch of people, some of who are family members of  members of the ward.  It’s great to teach with the power of families! 
Also, a recently converted family is getting integrated really well into the ward, and is already signed up to give us missionaries lunch every month !

Earlier this week, we had no one to teach.  This was my journal entry for one of our days:  “Good day.  Ate pizza.  Elder Nielsen bought it.  That was nice.  I mixed up the words “inferno” with “inverno.”  Baha.  Tired.  Normal day.  Need people and sleep.”
Elders Bean and Nielsen with the bishop and Fabio at YA activity
 But God is a God of love and mercy!  Just a few days later, the youth had a fundraiser activity at the church, and we dropped by super fast, and guess what happened?  If you said, “Did you meet over 7 people who could be baptized really soon?” then you guessed right!  Wow!  God put them in our path!  So great.  We’re teaching them all, and life is good.  At times like this, the words of a hymn come to mind: and while I strive through grief and pain, His voice is heard ‘ye shall obtain.’   The Lord will provide.  Also, a little plug:  the youth here are so legit.  So cool.  Seriously, they’re strong and friendly and good.  Hardly any of them come from member families, so they’re alone, but still so strong.  It’ll be hard to leave them when the time comes. 
Actually, it’ll be hard to leave all the people here.  I love them so much.  I want to stay and keep helping them, but I am also anxious to work in other areas.  We’ll know in about a week whether I will stay another six weeks or leave.  Osasco is great.  So great.  And you know who else is great?!  My mom, Elder C. Santos, Rachel A, and Maren C—!  J  Thanks so much for your letters!  This week was week 11 of my training, and so I’ve assumed the “senior” position for this time to practice planning and leading our companionship.  It’s been good for me to learn and to seek the influence of the Spirit more in the every day decisions.  So life just keeps going on.  Take care of yourselves now, ya hear?!  J  But seriously, trust in the Savior to take good care of you, your families and your friends.  He is best equipped for the job, and He’s always ready.
Oh man!  Serving a mission!  It’s so good!
And to the Varsity All Stars / On Belay program:  You guys are the best!  I’m thinking about you all as you start your work-ups this month.  I pray for your success this year.  On Belay is one of the best mission preparations ever!  Wish I could be with y’all.  Have a great course!  Work hard and prepare well!  The greatest adventure is what lies ahead! J I love you guys.
Another hymn that keeps running through my mind:

I believe in Christ, He stands supreme
From Him I’ll gain my fondest dream.

I believe in Christ, so come what may
With Him I’ll stand in that great day
When on this Earth He comes again
To rule among the sons of men!

Love you all.  Until next week!  Love, Elder David Bean 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jan 14, 2013 "I made this for you!!"

Good long week, everyone rejected us, but life is still good. J 
Congrats to Maren Young who got called on a mission to Korea! :D  Awesome Sauce!  And thanks to her, the Kirkwoods, and Mom for your letters.  I also got Christmas package (late delivered) from my family!!  Yahoo!  Inside was the Nov Ensign conference issue (yes!), pictures, Oreos, tuna (baha), a bleach pen for my white shirts and whitening strips for my teeth!  J  Thanks, Fam, you are the best!  It was also Elder Nielsen’s birthday on Saturday.  I burned a cake for him! J  Ha ha  Part of it was still edible!  He got a ukulele in a birthday package, and it made me think...Hey Mom!  For Christmas next year mail me my saxophone, okay?  J  Haha! (Eu estou brincando!  I’m kidding!)  

So, this entry is going be shorter because not much happened this week, although I do have three things to share:  some sad news, “neutral” news (well, my reaction to sad news), and good news.  The sad first:  We’ve got a 12 year old young man who knows he should be baptized, has a testimony of The Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the church, but feels an obligation to step away from the restored gospel because he has a family friend who is studying to be a priest.  It kills me. I love this kid a lot!  Sometimes I see visions in my head of his future with and without the Gospel.  His wife, future kids, their families etc--so many people who could be blessed with the Gospel if he would just choose to follow what he KNOWS to be true.  Aarg. Very hard!  Sad.  We pray a lot for him. 
“Neutral” news:  when people ask us to stop coming back because they’re not interested or don’t care or they’ve stopped progressing, any time when I know it’ll be the last time we go there, I sometimes ask for a glass of water-- not because I’m thirsty, but in the hopes that perhaps they will be blessed just a little for helping a missionary.  I feel it’s the last thing I can do for them:  provide an opportunity for them to serve/be kind.  I feel so much for all these people--it feels so horrible when people don’t progress or don’t want the message or turn away from the greater light we offer.  I don’t know where I’d be without the gospel.  

But now, for some wonderful news!  J  My twin sister has gone through the temple and received her endowments.  J  I’m so happy for her!  I wish I could’ve been there, but I know it was super special. Congratulations, Emily. Good luck preparing for your mission in 15 more days!  Alright, so who else has gotten their mission calls?  Gotten married?  All that jazz—send me the news!
The work is slow right now, but always worth it—always. J  And, as Elder Nielsen likes to say, “Vamos batizar essas pessoas.” 
Don’t’ worry about me, I’m in good hands.  Until next week! 
Love to all,   
Elder David Bean

Jan 7, 2013 "Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives"

First things first: Emily got her mission call!!! J  My twin will leave in 23 days for the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission (speaking Spanish)!  I’m so proud of you Emily, and so excited!  You’re going to do so great.  And my prayers go out to you, always.  J  Congrats, parabens!  For all you peoples preparing to serve missions, be excited. The best part (or one of the best parts cause it’s all SO good) is the love that we learn to have for our investigators.  I feel such responsibility to help them all I can, and I want their success so much!  It’s cool after a while, cause it’s beginning to feel like a part of their families.  It’s legit. J  God’s love is really great when you feel it for other people.  Also, when you feel His love for you yourself.

On Wednesday (1/2/13), Elder Lago got a phone call from President Martins, saying that we were having an emergency transfer.   Elder Lago is going to open a new area, and I will stay in Osasco with a new companion:  Elder Nielsen.  I learned a lot about reliance on the Lord while with Elder Lago—also lessons in humility, patience, diligence, and love.

Elder Nielsen is from Sacramento, California.  He’s been on the mission for only two months longer than I have.  He is a hard working, high-spirited, positive, and faithful missionary who really understands our role in the conversion of people.  Super cool.  Such a blessing.  He’s very bold/direct, with people. He “gets in their grill” as DF would say, but he’s also very friendly.  I’m gonna learn a lot with him, and I’m excited he’s going to wrap up my trainamento.  We also have two more newbies in our zone, fresh out of the CTM.  It’s crazy to remember I was as lost and scared as they are only one transfer ago.  Time.  Crazy.

  We had the baptism of a lady who is 66 years old this week.  I got to baptize her.  So great!  J  Elder Nielsen and I already have plans to baptize everyone here in Osasco.  Yeah, stay posted, we’re going to experience miracles here, just wait.

Hmmm...  What else?   I got hit on by a prostitute yesterday (so sad); a couple we are teaching has decided to get married (yea!); I got letters from the Wood Family, Mary E, and Elder Shane McQuarrie (Thank you guys)! J  It was crazy getting Shane’s letter, ’cause he returns from his mission in Chicago Illinois in only about seven days.  One week.  Wow.  On Wednesday, when Elder Lago and I were traveling by taxi to the mission home, there was an airplane flying really close, getting ready to land—and I felt for Shane.  I felt like I was in that plane returning home, and it was so good, and so sad too.  My mission is going to go by really fast.  L  I already don’t want to leave, and also can’t wait to return, too.  It’s very surreal.  Good luck Elder McQuarrie, my prayers go out to you.  And I know it’s going to be me soon, flying home.  Whoo.  Just a little more than 19 months left.  Last thing: It was cool starting the New Year this week, because for me, this is THE year for the Lord.  For the year 2013, every moment will be spent in His service.  Legal.  A whole year!  I’m here to live a consecrated life.  It is my prayer that all of us, whether serving a mission or serving other ways, preparing for one or preparing for other things, will dedicate this year to our God, to His work, His holy purposes.  I love you all, keep choosing the right.  J
Love, Elder David Bean