Elder Bean's Mission Scripture

Elder Bean's Mission Scripture:

Alma 26: 35

35 Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dec 31, 2012 "I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats"

Oh my, where to begin!?  I’ll start today and go backwards.
Dezembro 31- Preparation Day. Normal.  Last day of the year.  Crazy.  Happy New Year!

Dezembro 30- We had three confirmations!!!  J  I participated in all three, and it was amazing how different and special each one was.  God really does know us personally.  The people were the girl and man baptized last week, and a woman baptized yesterday ("F--a. "She's the mae of "St--i").  J  I feel so much at peace knowing that they are in the fold!  Also, today I got a package from Miriam B and Brady W representing The Chosen!!!  Okay, you guys are seriously the best.  Thank you!  In the package was a harmonica and kazoo (so I can keep up my music skills), some great pictures, candy, Christmasy things, some letters (I was literally dying/crying Brady - SO funny), and a gingerbread man kit that I turned into Nephi slaying Laban.  J  Thanks guys.  I love you tons.  Da-da da-da-da da da da... The Chosen!!

Dezembro 29- I baptized the mom of the girl (“St—i”) who we baptized two weeks ago.  It was a real special service.  It’s really cool saying ordinances in Portugues, cause what matters are the words, not the language.  I asked if the daughter would bear a simple testimony and it was amazing the way she said to her mom how she knows this is the Lord’s church, and she’s so happy today for her mom. J  Foi muito legal.  We got a picture taken, and I can’t wait to send it to Elder Petersen!  All these people are the fruits of HIS good work.  Ah man, I miss him.  Good, good companion. J
Dezembro 28- Good, normal day, teaching people, doing the work of the Lord.

Dezembro 27- Power in singing hymns!  Really, with any feelings of anger, stress, disappointment, worry, sadness, anything, singing hymns in your mind helps a lot. I sing a lot now a days ;)  OH!  And today, a less-active family who recently re-activated (Mom, Dad, and three girls 16, 10, 6), said that it was my testimony and my invitation that made them want to start over!  Wow, really cool and humbling, cause I know, I was just an instrument in the Lord’s hands.  They’re preparing to go to the temple again! J  Also, today I realized I speak Portugues.  I don’t know everything, and I still need to learn a lot , but I can communicate mostly everything I want to, and understand almost everything, too. Grateful for the gifts of the Spirit which helps us learn other languages.

Dezembro 26- I was on a split with our district leader Elder Wheatley from California, 'cause he needed to interview the woman that was baptized this week.  It was a day in paradise with him!  We worked hard, efficiently, and with the spirit.  It was a very positive, constructive, good, good day.  Oh, and a piece of advice for all y’all who are coming to Sao Paulo for the New Year:  Busses -- Don’t play with them.  They will kill you.  When walking down the street, you can challenge cars, stare them down and such.  But you don’t play with busses.  Also, Elder Wheatley showed me how cool Alma 26 is.  Whatever trial you have on the mission, whatever question, go there.  Super good!

Dezembro 25- FELIZ NATAL!! The day started with a reuniao do distrito.  I made cookies and they were really good, everyone loved them.  I also got a letter from Opie A!  Opie, you’re the man.  But, the very best thing that happened was being able to talk to my family!!!  I got to Skype them from the bishop’s house/family computer.  It was so good to see their faces, and to know they saw mine!  I had a little difficulty speaking English, and 40 minutes went by WAY too fast, but it was still so good! J Just what I needed.  Couldn’t stop smiling.  I love you Mom, Jonathan and Emily so much!  Talking with the fam--nothin’ beats it.  Can’t WAIT till Mother’s Day!  Well, after the skyping, we went to work like normal.  We received a lot of goodies from ward members, and turned around giving them to our investigators! Good Christmas. J

Feliz Natal!  Ate aproximo semana!

Com amor,
Elder David Bean
P.S.  Remember how blessed we are, okay?  Okay.

Dec 24, 2012 "Walking Through a Lake...with Elder 'Lake' "

Happy Christmas Eve! [a month late—slow mail, busy life, but it’s the thought that counts!]

So folks.  My new companheiro is Elder Lago.  His name in Portuguese (he is Brazilian) = “lake” in English.  Entao, for creativity’s sake, I’m going to liken everything in this letter to water.  Don’t think it’s creative?  Sue me! J So...

1) “Proselyting in Atlantis:” There has been so much rain!  The city has flooded practically every day.  We were literally walking with aqua up to our shins!  After a while, there’s no point in trying to use our umbrella.  But I love rain.  And I’ll take it over burning sun any day!  I dropped our cell phone, and we spent about five minutes chasing it down the street as it was washed away in the gutter!  J  But I was successful in retrieving it.

2) “The black lake:” Whooo-ee this week has been stressful!!  Like a 47 on a scale of one to five.  My companion doesn’t know the people or the area, so I’ve had to be the leader, and practically do/plan everything.  I don’t really feel like I know what I’m doing yet.  I’m...(wait for it...>) in the dark!  Ha!  Get it?!  Black lake, in the dark, hahaha.  Anyway, I am learning a lot through this stressful process, so it’s been good.

3) “Boiling water purifies:” Elder Lago speaks a little bit of every language and he pretends to shoot/blowup things as we walk.  Bao, Nick, Jared, and Clinton, let me tell you:  Don’t try this at home.  In a car, fine. But walking?  Really awkward.  This is a hard time, and the transition is hard, so I don’t feel like I’m doing my personal best, but then I remind myself:  I’m serving a mission.  I love God.  And He loves me.  So I trust it’ll get better.  Keep praying for us.

4) “A constant stream of letters:” Thank you Nick W, Nadine K, Sara B, the Kirkwood Family, and Sister D, Sister W, Sister R, and Sister C! J Y'all are great.

Elder Bean and Tifany Dec 22 2012
5) “Eu te Batizo:” I baptized my first living ordinance person!  In Portugues!  It was super special.  I, having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, baptized a 15 year old girl named Tifany.  A man, Fernando was baptized the same meeting. J  And the next day when we taught Tifany  again, she seemed more elevated, and way more focused spiritually.  Muito Legal.  This work is about changing people.  To be better/constantly improving.  Ah man!  The gospel is true!  J The effort to serve is all worth it.

6)”Behold I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of... Christmas:” Ha!  So, because it’s a zillion degrees here, it hasn’t felt much like Christmas until today!  J  The whole day today I felt holly jolly! It’s great.  I don’t know why, but I’m just happy!  I was singing Christmas songs on the way home. I’m also super excited to talk with my family tomorrow!  Oi!  Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  Tenha Um Feliz Natal!!! J
Love, Elder Bean

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dec. 17, 2012 “First Batismo & Farewell, Elder Petersen”

Stefani's baptism

Primero Batismo!!!  So wonderful.  It’s all worth it!  It was a really special service, Elder Petersen and I sang a duet, and the spirit was really strong. This is what it is all about:  Helping people come unto Christ.  So good-- It’s all worth it!    

Oh, a lot happened this week, but was also very normal.  I’m hitting my “normal streak” I think... We’ll see if things get more exciting in the future. 
So, on quarta-feira (Wednesday) this week, we had interviews with President Martins.  Our scheduled time was for 1:20pm, but he was running REALLY behind and we didn’t start until 4:30pm.  [And we had planned to have almoco(lunch) with the family of the bishop at 2:00pm, but didn’t arrive until 5:30pm!  Nossa!  But, because Sister Bishop felt sorry for us, she sent us home with buckets filled with food! J  So good.] But back to the interviews, it was really cool to talk with President more about the missionary purpose and about what being a missionary means.  Some important things he said: “You are not David Bean right now.  You are Elder Bean.  You are here to live a consecrated life.  This is the only time in your life you can devote all your time to the Lord.  Live it to its fullest.”  Muito legal.  He really is an inspired leader for this work.  A very good man.

Letter-shout-out goes to Mom, Opie A, Laura W, and “The Chosen!” Thanks, all.  Also, to all you wonderful people back home who are wondering why I haven’t written responses to you yet, I will try to explain.  I am only allowed to write letters on P-day, between the hours 12 and 6, but I also have to eat, write the President, and clean.  So, truly, I really am trying, and you WILL get responses--every single one of you!  You are not forgotten, and I think about you all the time.  All 29 of you that I need to write back. J  But really, I will. 

Random notes:
1) I heard “Les Miserables” this week and just about died with joy and saudade!  Thanks Rosemary, Catie, Stephanie, McKann, Johnny, Aaron, Matthew, Andrew, and you others who made Sunday nights so fantastic.  Good memories.
2) To all you girls that are getting your calls!  One piece of advice:  study Preach My Gospel now, because in the MTC you won’t have time.  And thanks for the updates on who is going where!  Keep the info coming! J
3) I promise you that headphones are of the devil and if you use them you will miss opportunities/inspiration from the Holy Ghost.  J  Okay, no more soap box.
4) I hear a lot of saxophone music when we’re walking on the street.  Ah man I wish I could play... But it always makes me super happy to hear.  I sigh, gasp, and live the moment.  Ba ha.
5) Mom, I always make my bed in the morning, haven’t missed a day yet. J
6) Sad bit of news.  Elder Petersen was too good to last.  I found out today he’s getting transferred to Sao Roque.  So I only have one more day to learn all I can from him.  Oh man.  I was really hoping he would be able to finish my training.  Well, what I learned from Elder Petersen: Everything. J But more specifically, patience.  Muito Paciencia.  Also, all the functionalities of missionary work, a ton of Portugues, how to be grateful and selfless, to really think about the people, to be obedient first, and many, many other things.  I’m so grateful I got a good trainer - I’m sad he’s leaving, but I know the Lord knows best.  Boa Sorte, Elder Petersen!  Sao Roque is getting a great missionary. 

Well folks, that’s all for now!  Next letter I’ll tell you all about my new companion!  Keep praying, read the scriptures, love you all.  Ate aproximo semana. 
Elder Bean