Elder Bean's Mission Scripture

Elder Bean's Mission Scripture:

Alma 26: 35

35 Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 11, 2012 First week in Brazil

Meu Familia e Amigos!
Life is good.  Life is hard, but oh, so incredibly good.  It is so surreal to be here...As I write this letter, I'm sitting staring out the huge window in our room that looks out over the city of Sao Paulo.  We're on the top floor of the CTM, so the view is amazing.  My roommates and I stand by the window for good lengths of time, just gazing in awe.  It is so beautiful :) It seriously feels like a really long dream.  I mean, I'm on a mission, trying to learn Portuguese to tell the people here in Brazil their Father in Heaven loves them!  And the language is going pretty good.  It is definitely overwhelming at times, but I remind myself how much I've already learned.  I can pray, bear my testimony and make some conversation.  I also make up phrases like "molho de legal!" [kinda like "awesome/legit sauce"] and "legal Feijao!" [legal/legit Bean!] Haha :)  The Brazilians think it's really funny!  But yeah, the gift of tongues is kicking in little by little.  Every day I try to talk to Brazilian missionaries to learn and practice.  It's fun.

So!  Meu Distrito! :)  They are all so great.  My companion's name is Elder Barton.  He's cool and we're gonna work well together.  I already love my district.  We're so close already.  One of the sisters reminds me of Sam Acosta so much!  And I'm friends with a Brazilian version of Brady Winland! :) And I've been taught by a Brazilian Brother O'Conner!  It's crazy how much they are all the same! :)  There were about 18 of us that arrived together, and we were split into two districts.  Four of the guys in my district are all going to Sao Paulo Norte! :)  Some of us will probably be companions and such out in the field.  It's cool.  We all went to the temple today for our P-day.  It is beautiful.  Oh my gosh, really special.

Haha, so you know how I don't cry that much?  I'm very emotional, but I didn't cry that often?  Well, I'm the bawl baby here! :)  No shame, it's just interesting how often I tear up nowadays.  They're happy tears, though, so don't worry. :)  Although there was one day that was really hard for me, I was really down, and then I heard through the window someone in the courtyard whistling the song "Lights" by the Avrett Brothers!  (I immediately thought of Opie Arnold!)  That made my day Ha Ha!

As soon as we all arrived, we got a blue dot sticker on our name tags that means "We are new, so don't talk Portuguese to us, and please tell us where to go cause we're probably lost. Help."  I can't WAIT to take my blue dot off tomorrow.  I hope I can help the new batch of elders we get tomorrow as well as I was helped. I just can not wait to be able to speak this language better!  It is so much fun.

The food is amazing. 'Nough said.  And I'm gaining weight!  If the scale is correct, I'm at 150!!! :D Gym is fun.  I'm the king at pull-ups, and I'm getting very good at volleyball.  And every night at 9:00pm we get a snack that usually consists of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and always a couple cups of hot chocolate. :)  Greatest idea ever.

The days are long but this first week was short.  Time for week #2.  Bring it.  Oh!!! And I see Mike Oaks almost every day!  On the first day we newbies were getting a tour of the neighborhood, and who do I see walking down the street?  Yeah, I freaked out.  It's awesome seeing him here, in Brazil. :)  Best thing ever.

Well, I love you all.  Write letters.  Kudos to Elder Matthew Woodruff, Miriam Blaser, meu mai (my mom), meu irma (my sister).  Obrigado!  :)  And be kind to one another. Tanner, Johnny, Seth, Nelson, Tyler--keep preparing.  Good Luck!  Voce e o caro!  :)

Love, Elder Bean

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